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Nourish SuperNuts Gift Pack

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(71 customer reviews)


A luxury gift pack filled with a delectable assortment of premium quality dry fruits making it the perfect pack for your party platters or as a gift to a loved one.

This pack contains:

  • Nourish Almonds – 250 grams
  • Nourish Raisins- 250 grams
  • Nourish Cashew- 250 grams
  • Nourish Pistachio- 250 grams
  • Nourish Walnuts- 250 grams


The pack consists of Nourish Almonds, Raisins, Cashew, Pistachio and Walnuts.

  • Premium quality
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Travel friendly/easy to carry
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Additional information



Reviews (71)

71 reviews for Nourish SuperNuts Gift Pack

  1. Tanvi

    The package is very colorful , very hygienic. I bought it for gifting , so I don’t know how it tastes . However they person I gifted it to said it is delicious.

  2. Vaishali Singh

    It’s amazing!!! you must must try these dry fruits. And for the price. What a steal buy..

  3. Nithya Devasia

    Good , package was good , delivery on time.

  4. Pooja

    Awesome product! Must buy! Almonds, cashews and walnuts are my favorites

  5. Ganguli Deepamita

    great brand with a great deal.

  6. Aditya

    badiya hai, try karlo … price bhi acha de rhe hain.
    Meine iske 2 pack magaye the,

  7. Arjun


  8. Aarti Kalra

    A great gifting option. I bought it in bulk for my sister in law’s side of the family.
    I think you all should try it too.
    Very premium and classy packaging as well.

  9. Adira Abish

    My favorite of the lot is cashews. They taste so good.

  10. Priyanka Sharma

    okay product . okay offer.

  11. Karan Kapadia

    When I could think of nothing else, I found this combo.
    Loved the pistachios.

  12. Ahad Ahmad

    Nothing beats this offer. And a brand you can trust.

  13. Kanika


  14. Saloni Gandhi

    Super nuts, superb offer.

  15. Vidhushi Mehta

    Nice. Can buy.

  16. Vedant Singh

    Just average. nothing great.

  17. Jigeesha

    Amazing product and combo

  18. Brijeshh

    Badiya hai inka product

  19. Amrit


  20. Singha

    Great offer love the combo

  21. Deeksha Agarwal

    great packaging.. a great nuts combo offer. I loved it.

  22. Brijeshh

    Bahut badiya hai inka yeh product

  23. Sarita Gautham

    Brilliant. Love

  24. Chetali

    You can buy this. Affordable hai.

  25. Deepamitra

    super Nuts really. super combo

  26. Nakul

    Good option for gifting, very premium packaging. And hygienically packed. Loved it!

  27. Mohit Pal

    this is a good brand.

  28. Naveenta

    Do try this and their single products also good.

  29. Hansika

    Super gift Combo

  30. Jigeesha

    Their nuts are good quality and very tasty

  31. Kajal Prasad

    Such a great offer and at an unmatched price.

  32. Karan

    Nothing much to say. Just that offer is a great one.

  33. Lipika

    Great for festive gifting

  34. Tanuja Kakkar

    Trust! 100%

  35. Tyagi Mayank

    Classic product

  36. Upasana Khetarpal

    Good for gift someone

  37. Shalini Katoch

    You can buy. It is a good combo

  38. Deepti Manjika

    Worth the price,Delivered on time.

  39. Garima Gupta

    Paise wasul. Lip smacking and crunchy bites.

  40. Mrukesh

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good to send as gift to ur loved

  41. Manisha

    Chote gifts se acha kuch badia do. healthy bhi ho.

  42. Mala

    Nourish Almonds – 250 grams
    Nourish Raisins- 250 grams
    Nourish Cashew- 250 grams
    Nourish Pistachio- 250 grams
    Nourish Walnuts- 250 grams

    All was good

  43. Yukti

    Nourish SuperNuts Gift Pack 100% good

  44. Sanjay


  45. Radhika Rajan

    Radhika here. It is a good comb offer which you should definitely try once.

  46. Sneha

    Acha hai

  47. Mohina Mitra

    Give it a buy once. You’ll order again for more of your relatives and loved ones.

  48. Eline James

    Have been with Nourish for some time. All their products are good. then they came with this offer, it is a great one.

  49. Roshni Bhalla

    Looks tasty. Is tasty.

  50. Gauri Lalit

    Good deal.

  51. Ishita

    A good looking combo package that is great at this price offering.

  52. Vidhushi Mehta

    yummy. Do buy guys!

  53. Wasim Khan

    Single offer hai. par acha offr hai.

  54. Rupali Banerjee

    Great offer this is. I bought for myself. Delivered on time.

  55. Radhika Rajan

    Got this yesterday, acha hai .

  56. Govind Arya


  57. Praveen Thomas

    Packaging full on best.

  58. Ms. Taneja

    Mujhe thek laga hai bas.

  59. Vikram

    Array, kaise bataun kya gazab ka hai yeh combo.

  60. Namrata

    Offer is good. Taste okay.

  61. Mohanavalli Marri

    Gave this to my thaatha for her preparations. She loved it.
    It is such a treat.
    You guys should try it too.

  62. Yash Sehgal

    Excellent product.

  63. Arjun

    Cool stuff.

  64. Gaati Lavanya

    Original products. Great packaging. Hygienic. Good for gifting.

  65. Lavanya

    Original products. Great packaging. Hygienic.

  66. Bulla Sheikh

    Overall satisfied.

  67. Tabassum Khanum

    Kamal . le lijie ek baar. Acha hai product.

  68. Roli Batra

    Perfect quantity to give someone.

  69. Muskan Ahlia

    Mere liye best hai.

  70. Munish Manjuka

    the best is ALMOND!

  71. Sachin Ghera

    Almonds + Cashews + Pistachios + Raisins + Walnuts.
    The best in one combo.

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